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New Emerging Gulf Order and China’s role
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Nowadays the Middle East is experiencing a transitional phase from the old order to a new order in Middle East , and the Gulf region also is also facing a major turning point, that is to say, the new order in the gulf region are emerging. "Arab spring", the United States strategic retreat from the Middle East, very likely agreement of Iran nuclear talks this year, Syria and Iraq in turmoil, the rise of ISIS, Yemen houthi ‘s surprise rise and facing split or a civil war, the international oil prices fell sharply and posing threat to gulf states’ political and economic stability, these are all the major geopolitical and economic factors which will have great influence on current pattern of the gulf , and also will determine the future of the gulf of geopolitics. To look from the future, there is great uncertainty for the gulf region development. It is difficult to reverse the rise of Iran ,and gulf Arab states confrontation with Iran will continue, the competition among the regional countries will intensify, The us-led regional security structure may be broken, the influence of other Major powers outside the gulf region, such as the BRICS and Japan, will increase. In the future a tumultuous Gulf has a possibility, at the same time with a dark and dim Middle East. China will continue to play a bigger role in the Middle East and gulf, The following fields will be major direction: establishing the new regional security mechanism, regional security crisis management, protection of the sea lanes, to coordinate and regional hot issues and the contradictions between countries, Promote regional national infrastructure interconnectivity. and president Xi jinping’s New Silk Road strategy (One Belt and One Road) will play a central role among them.