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A Comparative Study on Renewable Energy Strategies: Kuwait, Qatar, & the UAE
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This paper seeks to apply a comparative study on three hydrocarbon producers’— Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), & Qatar – strategies to diversify their energy mix in order to maximize revenues and reduce oil dependency. Each country possesses its endemic political and economic opportunities and constraints. The UAE is endowed with massive oil reserves, yet its energy consumption has risen at substantial rates recently. However, along with its rapid population growth, it has applied a more aggressive plan than its neighboring countries to build nuclear reactors and expand its solar power by 2017. Kuwait on the other hand with its more democratic political culture has stunted its nuclear and solar development. Currently, it is consuming approximately 350,000 b/d for its daily energy and has been projected to grow to 500,000 b/d by 2030 and could take a substantial toll on oil revenues. For Qatar “power consumption has risen by an average rate of 10.5 percent over the last 10 years”. Qatar is currently in the preliminary planning stages in diversifying its power generation portfolio by evaluating its options.

In order to assess these three countries’ opportunities and constraints in diversifying their energy portfolios, four variables will be evaluated. First, the paper will evaluate the amount of oil and gas subsidies applied that could arguably be an incentive to higher consumption levels. Along with that, it will disclose the cost of domestic oil consumption. Then, it will further evaluate the issue to see what sorts of strategies are applied to reduce consumption and decrease dependency. Thirdly, it will assess the level and extent of nuclear power development in the GCC states. Lastly, it will apply a comparative analysis of renewable energy strategies for all three countries. By evaluating all four of these variables and then applying a comparative analysis, this paper will derive some conclusive evidence on opportunities and challenges on expanding renewable energy for Kuwait, the UAE, and Qatar.