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A Proactive strategy to sustain People, Planet and Profit: The Leader’s Role in UAE
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This paper aims to address the economic, social and environmental challenges facing the UAE as one of the fastest growing developing countries in the Middle East and the leader’s role in initiating a more balanced approach to sustain people, planet and economic growth. The current UAE economic, political and social developments indicate that \'more of the same\' will be difficult to sustain. Over the last forty years, the pace of change of these developments has created difficulty in defining the role of leadership, in terms of the attributes, skills required in leaders to meet and adapt to the changing landscape in the UAE. Leaders need to reengage people, shift their priorities, rethink their role, work in new ways, and enable people to do more themselves.
The UAE is a land of paradoxes; Emiratis want the best and the most extravagant with little concern about their environment. Leaders must sustain the current economic growth but in more responsible and friendly ways. That means creating an agile process addressing environmental issues not as a short term fix, but as an on-going objective.
The findings of this study revealed that connecting social, environment and economic challenges to achieve a new balance must be spearheaded by senior leaders. The key argument is that sustaining a profitable growth and maintaining high standard of living can be achieved without negative impact on the planet. Indeed, the best source of profitable growth is when people join forces to sustain their environment. In the UAE, shifting workforce demographics are a serious concern to sustainability. The UAE must proactively design a long term strategy by building a strong pool of national talent in order to maintain business continuity and achieve the country’s vision of stability and security and meet the needs and expectations of the Emiratis.
Although sustainability is closely linked to profit and profit is deeply rooted in people’s minds especially in the UAE, there is a genuine case for “people and planet and profit” because the concept is based on both the lucrative new opportunities of sustainable environment and establishing a synergy between people and planet and profit within the UAE, by investing in alternative sources such as renewable energies and changing life style habits. Engaging leaders at helping individuals understand how to sustain a balance between planet, people and profit through responsible behavior patterns is the safest way forward for the UAE.