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The Heritagization of Traditional Music in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.): Cultural policy and National Identity Construction (1971-2011).
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Through the diachronic study of cultural policy on intangible heritage in United Arab Emirates since their founding in 1971, this paper presents the evolution of the heritagization process of traditional music and dance and how these traditions have been an essential element for the State to build the identity of the nation.
In fact, The United Arab Emirates present a wide variety of traditional musical practices from different cultural communities as the Bedu, Balochi and Zandj dances. These musical traditions are at both still widely practiced in the social sphere and an reference symbol of “the past” in the context of social and economic transformation of the nation

Today, after a period of nearly 40 years of a policy aimed primarily to promote a cultural unity with a certain national specificities, we can observing that some musical traditions have undergone in varying degrees of significant changes in their institutional representation compared with their traditional execution modality in the social sphere.

The purpose of this intervention is presenting the main phases of this cultural policy and its current transformations, relying on the logic that underlies the identified changes in a musical tradition: the leiwah dance. I will present, also, the evolution of the cultural institutions discourses and the traditional musicians strategy in reaction to the representation changing of their traditions.