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Md Mizanur
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Gender and Migration Decision-Making in Bangladesh
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The decision to migrate is often influenced by the gender of the potential migrant, especially in Muslim dominated society in East and Southeast Asia. In such societies, cultural notion of purity of female body as well as cultural notion of the right to prevent female body from dilution becomes a barrier for physical mobility across gender lines, contributing to differential propensity to migrate within the family and community. Male preference as well as male domination as a bread earner of the family further ensures favourable distribution of family resources for male members and increasing male migration occurrence at the family level. This paper explains how gender and (religious) culture influence migration decision-making as well as migration occurrence in a Muslim majority country in Bangladesh. While this paper highlights social barrier to migration occurrence across gender lines, it does not represent female migrants as passive actors as opposed to male migrants, who are believed to dictate their own course of life in the migration process. Instead, it shows how female migrants exercise their agency in the decision-making and navigates the wave of opposition at the family and community level in the decision-making process before they enter in recruitment phase of migration - another gendered domain in the migration process.