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The potential role of the Gulf Countries on re-shaping the global renewable energy landscape
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In the next 30 years, the major share of the global energy demand will be shifted toward the developing countries, mainly, China, India and Middle East. The decision that those countries will make, either in term of policies to regulate the energy investment or decisions on the type of energy resources used to supply the growth in their energy need, will impact the global energy landscape in the coming years. At the same time, renewable energy share of the total energy is in rise, which has been projected to reach 31% in 2035, with a global investment reached a total of $269 billion in 2012.

China, south America, India is entering the renewable energy sector with both large investment and installations, while the Middle East still progressing very slow, and in some countries it is almost stagnant.

Despite the environmental attractiveness of renewable energy, it will be difficult to compete economically with the dominate energy fuel in the Gulf Countries, natural gas. Hence the governments should take serious incentives to encourage investment in renewable energy, through embarking strong and stable policies to attract investors and major renewable energy players to the region.

This paper is investigating different scenarios for “Renewable Energy Policy” for the gulf region, based on the current and future “Arabian Gulf Renewable Energy Landscape” which focuses on, resources, investment opportunities and technology R&D.