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Dr Al sayegh
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Tourrism in the UAE, Prospects and Challenges ,Dubai as a model
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Tourism in the UAE: Prospects and challenges Dubai as a study case, By Dr Fatima Al Sayegh, UAE University, Al Ain Tourism in the UAE plays an important role in contributing to the national income. Within two decades, the UAE in general and Dubai in particular have succeeded in grantee a prominent place on world tourist map. Taking advantage of its geographic location between East and West, the UAE has succeeded in overcoming major obstacles such as weather conditions, the lack of a propitiate infrastructure and other cultural obstacles to emerge as an attractive tourist destination . The UAE benefited not only from its natural assets also from its deepest historical toots and cultural heritage and utilized them both to gain an appropriate place on tourist map. Not only the biggest Emirates such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but the small emirates such as Sharjah and Ajman have become attractive tourist destinations. The UAE was able to emerge as a vital center for business, entertainment, medical and cultural tourist’s hops, achieving great success in these fields and winning many international awards. As a result the UAE is able to attract annually more than 18 million tourists. However, despite all this success, tourism in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular still faces major challenges. Cultural resistance as well as political turbulence in the Gulf and in the Arab world could pose a major challenge to this industry. In addition, computation between the Emirates themselves and each other could threaten the whole industry. While the climate change could still pose a challenge, the concern among UAE’s natives over the loss of Arab-Islamic identity is causing a concern for both locals and the authority. This paper is going to discuss the prospect and challenges to tourism in UAE. Taking Dubai as a case study, this paper will discuss the ways in which tourist industry is developing and expanding. It will shed a light on internal and external factors that might stood as a challenge as well as the rising Islamic tide in the whole region together with the rising nationalistic sentiment and their impact on tourism . The paper will conclude with discussing the future prospect of tourism in the UAE in general and on Dubai in particular .