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Employees attitude towards the implementation of Quality Management systems with special reference to the University Teaching Hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Quality is doing right, the first time1. It is a crucial Phenomenon in Hospitals since there is no second choice in delivering care to the needy patients. To promote quality, various quality management systems are currently in practice. Some of them include ISO standards, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Care providers (NABH) and also other international standards like Joint Commission International (JCI). The successful implementation of quality management system depends on the active participation of the Employees whose attitude plays a pivotal role for its better execution throughout the Hospitals. Thus, the importance of the capturing and understanding the attitude of the employees about the quality management system is paramount and it is much limited in the existing literatures.


This study aims to document the attitude of employees towards the quality management System adopted at the University Teaching Hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



A Descriptive study design was adopted to document the attitude of employees about the Quality management systems adopted at selected University teaching Hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A Structured Questionnaire is to be adopted to capture the following six core elements of Quality management systems5 from the employees’ perceptive.

(i)Healthcare professionals’ development and participation
(iii)Information and data for quality improvement
(iv)Presence and role of the quality department
(v)Management leadership and commitment to quality
(vi)Process management


The questionnaire will be completed by the skilled employees of the University Teaching hospital comprising of three clusters (i.e. Doctors, Nurses & other paramedical professionals). The Cluster sampling technique is to be adopted and the anticipated samples (n=600) would be doctors, nurses and paramedical professionals working in the selected University Teaching Hospitals under the Ministry of Higher Education located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Statistical Analysis:

The Six-sigma Analytical tool using Poisson distribution model is to be used to rate the opinion of the employees about the core elements of quality management system adopted at the selected Hospitals.

Expected Outcome:

This study will bring about hidden perception of the employees about the implementation of Quality management system adopted at selected University Teaching Hospitals. This study would be the first of its kind project to depict the employees’ attitude in Six-sigma rating scale, an internationally recognized data driven quality management tool.

Key Words:

Quality Management systems, Teaching Hospitals, Skilled Employees, Attitude, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.