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The Research Program at Weill Cornell Qatar, a unique international partnership
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We are currently experiencing a scientific renaissance in the Arabian Gulf. The leadership of wealthy Gulf countries is heavily investing in research efforts while the rest of world is experiencing a significant decline in research funding given the current fiscal situation. Qatar’s leadership is leading the charge with a clear vision of investing in both education and research toward developing a knowledge-based economy. In this paper we will discuss the development of the research program at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMC-Q) over the past 5 years. This program represents a novel international partnership model that has proven quite successful. In the span of 5 years the WCMC-Q research program grew from a handful of scientists involved in research to 36 active research laboratories with research interests spanning the basic molecular, translational and clinical research arenas. With over 175 scientists now involved in the program it has achieved a sustainable steady state. The faculty have published over 250 papers to date, many in top tier Journals. In addition, faculty have been quite successful at garnering extramural funding to support their research. In this paper we will discuss the various infrastructural, leadership, policy and logistical issues that needed to converge to allow for such a success. We will further use lessons learned from this experience to argue for a model to support productive research programs in the region.