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The impact of security comprehension on Gulf State behavior
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The Gulf regional strategic environment indicates that the balance of power is moving towards an inward concentration for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states whilst simultaneously Iran is attempting to fill the strategic vacuum created by the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, since 2011 the strategic formula have been changed and new non state - non measureable actors has been introduced to the regional arena.
This paper aims to explore definitions of Gulf States national & Regional security from different perspectives. Also it tries to press on its first part on the conceptual layout and array of security definition, comprehension, interpretation, application of Gulf state and how its reflected on each Gulf State foreigner policy, this paper argue that the divergence of Security perception for Gulf state would reflect on the difference that each state behave, not only on intern level but also on extern level and foreigner affaires.
The paper attempt to tackle various indicators using extrapolation future studies methodology to analyze challenges facing Gulf State society, such as population growth, new media and societal harmony, citizenship, in relation to a comprehensive approach of security.
The research tries to test a theoretical argument called “two wheels approach” which influenced by the previous different definition of security that would create a leverage on Gulf state behavior vis-à-vis internal and external circle.
1. The wheel of change, i.e. demographical societal, regional with national impact;
2. The wheel of adaptation, i.e. the effort of the governments of Gulf State
However, the wheel of change moves faster than the wheel of adaption so this illustrates the need for the implementation of regulatory measures. Hence, the internal as well as external "security circles" (national, regional and global) need to be synchronized into one plan of action. In this regard, security efforts will have to combine development both internally as well as externally, e.g. in a foreign country, as well as the use of coercion or force whether internally, e.g. the police, or externally, e.g. the military.

Finally, this paper poses the following question: would the difference of the understanding and the comprehension of security in each Gulf States would have an impact (weightiness) on changing the speed of the wheel on change and wheel of adaptation, which also include the interaction between the following issues: the regional balance of power, the security issue, domestic socio-political realities?